Friday, March 31, 2017

How Right Office Chairs Can Increase Employee Productivity

With findings from research upon research piling up, most employers are now paying attention to how the design and environment of the office can influence their workers and actually make them more productive. One such aspect highlighted is that the employees’ concentration is bound to be disrupted given they are forced to sit all day long on uncomfortable chairs. Understandably, this type of furniture proves to have an adverse effect on health too.

If, like all good employees, you are looking for ways to increase retention and productivity, the following reasons should help you consider improving the furniture with respect to both their cohesiveness to the office design on the whole as well as in terms of their quality as individual items.


Are your employees still making use of old and worn-out furniture? That wouldn’t help boost their morale much if they are being fed about the non-serious attitude of their employer towards their business. Switch to something that is in line with your professional commitment and values. Refrain from having your new furniture as too bold, bright, or loud because that can be counterproductive as well.


Talk to any expert dealing in furniture and the one word you would think is thrown around a bit too casually is ergonomics. But given that most people are still unaware of the significance of having chairs, which offer the perfect level of bottom and back support, especially when equipped alongside desks that encourage such improved posture, then the usages seems to be understated.

For our point though, furniture, whether you are thinking of having them stand at adjustable desk or sit on medicine balls, has to be comfortable. The greater the comfort, the higher the productivity; employees who are unaware of the idea should be instructed about its benefits and how to adjust and use the right office chair (and other furniture).

Design and Layout

You don’t want your employees to walk into the office day and be agitated when they see haphazard furniture lining the whole workspace. Mismatched furniture and inappropriately organized furniture tends to have that sort of reaction. Your job? Provide your employees with coordinated furniture so they know you are concerned on making an impression and can be in a better position to dictate the same to your clients.

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